[ Pugs! ]

Welcome to the home page of the pug dog lovers!

I launched "The Pug Dog Home Page" in 1995... During several years I managed to update it daily, thanks to the information you provided me and to the many pictures of beautiful pugs you mailed me! I hope you enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, my professional duties and my other private activities didn't allow me to continue keeping the site alive. I was always hoping that "one day" I would be able to resume. But that day appears not to come ;-{

I took the whole site offline on November 11th, 2004. Too much of its content was becoming obsolete and useless...

I want to thank you all, visitors and contributors. My special thoughts to those who also contributed to the decoration of my home by sending me pictures, books, newletters or samples of their artwork!

If you want so, you can still reach me at: S.Scory*mumm.ac.be (replace the '*' by '@')

Last update : 11 November 2004