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12 February 2015 — 4DEMON Follow Up Meeting

BMDC and other partners welcomed the members of the follow-up committee at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences to present them the work done during the first year. Vice versa we were happy to hear their suggestions. So far, 881 historic data sources, ranging from cruise reports to original data listings, have been inventorised. Several of these have already been digitized.

The 4DEMON project ( is well on its way rescuing historical marine data!

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22 September 2014 — More than half a million marine measurement results available online

More than ten years ago, the Belgian Marine Data Centre (BMDC) officially launched a central data base IDOD as a tool for collecting, managing and analysing marine scientific data. At that time, the BMDC committed itself to keep the system alive and evolving.

And … the team passed the test. Today 513 687 unique and valuable measurement results for various substrates (sediment, biota, seawater, …) and parameters (nutrients, metals, pesticides, …) in the North Sea are imported in the database, of course with the necessary metadata and after rigorous quality control.

All interested users can consult and download the data through the BMDC portal. So try it!

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24 February 2012 — 30.000+ historical data now electronically available

In the initial phase of the national North Sea Research Programme, Projet Mer-Projekt Zee (1970-1976), over 200 researchers gathered data from various disciplines for the development of a coastal sea management model. The second phase, the Concerted Research Actions (1977-1982), resulted in a deeper insight into some specific aspects of this coastal and estuarine ecosystem.

Until recently, the data obtained during these first phases was only available in paper formats. After two years of data collection and, most importantly, of data documentation this valuable information is now digitized and is being published through the BMDC portal.

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15 October 2010 — The BMDC is hiring

The Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models, Department of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is recruiting for its marine data centre


who will be in charge of:

  • developing web applications for publishing and visualizing data stored in a Oracle data base,
  • developing software used onboard research vessels for storing and reporting data

Technical skills:

  • experience with the development of web applications (html, css, php, Javascript, Ajax, ...)
  • basic knowledge of SQL
  • knowledge of Visual Basic and of object–oriented programming


  • Experience with “web services”
  • Experience with Oracle data bases and Oracle development tools
  • Knowledge of common spoken Dutch or French

Requested degree: bachelor degree or equivalent, preferably in computer sciences.

More information can be requested by sending a mail to Applications, including a curriculum vitae, can be submitted before October 31st per e–mail to the same address or by postal mail to: MUMM, Att’n Mr Serge Scory, Gulledelle 100, B–1200 Brussels.

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03 May 2010 — R/V Belgica and BMDC back in the GOSUD community

Since May 1st, 2010, the Belgian Marine Data Centre feeds the GOSUD system again with the underway data registered on board the R/V Belgica.

The main objective of GOSUD (Global Ocean Surface Underway Data Pilot Project) is to collect, process, archive and disseminate in real time and delayed mode, sea surface salinity and other variables collected underway, by research and opportunity ships. It was founded in 2001 under the umbrella of the IOC and of JCOMM, in order to address concerns expressed by the Ocean Observations Panel for Climate in the context of climate change detection.

Once daily and at the end of each cruise, the BMDC forwards a selection of ODAS data, sampled every ten minutes to the Global Data Assembly Center run by Ifremer. For the moment, only temperature and salinity data are processed but other parameters might be included.

The third GOSUD workshop will take place on May 4-5, 2010, at the IODE Project office (Ostend, Belgium).

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