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Welcome to MUMM!

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, of which MUMM has been a department since 1997, has changed its internal structure significantly. Different Operational Directorates have been established. One of these, the Operational Directorate Natural Environment, covers the researchers of MUMM, but also those of the former scientific groups Freshwater Biology, Biological Evaluation, and the National Focal Point Biodiversity. In our Directorate, a new scientific service "MUMM" has been established, to continue the legal obligations of the former MUMM.

From now on, we will talk about the OD Natural Environment for all our research at sea, and explicitly about the scientific service MUMM only when it concerns legal obligations like environmental permits for wind farms or aerial surveillance.

Our website will be adapted in the future, to make sure the new structure of the RBINS and our research will be well presented.

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The Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models and the Scheldt estuary, abbreviated to MUMM, is a department of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), a federal scientific establishment that comes under the Federal Science Policy (previously known as OSTC).

MUMM adopts a 'triple M' strategy: Modelling, Monitoring and Management.

Modelling: studying the ecosystems of the North Sea using mathematical modelling techniques, with a view to understanding how they function and to providing certain forecasting capabilities.

Monitoring: collecting marine information required to validate the models and make them operational, along with the various techniques used to assess the condition of the marine environment.

Management: representing Belgium in a number of inter-governmental conventions dealing with the protection of the marine environment, including the preparation of Belgian positions to be upheld and the implementation of decisions taken, under the authority of the Minister responsible for marine environmental policy.

MUMM comprises a team of around sixty people motivated by the need to improve knowledge of the North Sea and provide scientific marine services for those concerned.





Coastal forecast

0.13 m
4.76 m
 Table Graph North Sea animation Belgian coastal zone animation

Harmonic prediction 
Ostend 1980–2020:
Enter as YYYY-MM-DD
 Speed 8.34 m/s 
 Sector 226° , SW 
 Table Graph Line plot North Sea animation
 Height 1.10 m
 Table Graph North Sea animation
 Graph ploar plot Line plot North Sea animation Belgian coastal zone animation
 Graph Daily maps
 Graph Daily maps
  Daily maps

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